About Us

BehanBox is a digital data-driven  multimedia platform, where we tell stories of everyday realities through voices from underrepresented and invisibilized groups with data on gendered issues.

We analyse and audit – policies, programs and interventions of Governments through a gender lens to bring in fresh perspectives and hidden information into public discourse.

Our mission is to make information on gender issues local, simple and accessible.

Our Team

Bhanupriya Rao

Bhanupriya is a researcher, writer and campaigner on gender, governance and social justice. She is a passionate advocate for Open data and Right to Information and has worked globally on furthering transparency, accountability and democratic governance. In India, she has been a part of the Right to Food and Right to Information networks and globally with organisations such as Action Aid International and WorldWide Web foundation. Over the last few years, she has been writing consistently on Gender and Politics in India.

Pragnya Reddy

Pragnya is a data analyst and researcher at BehanBox. She has 2 years experience as  data analytics and applications developer. She holds a Masters degree from Indian Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad

Philip C. Philip

Philip is gender queer activist, who works on various issues ranging from mental health, caste, disability and their other favourite space of queering gender. They engage with academic discourses purely out of interest, but strongly believe that personal experience of marginalisation is what would count. They have quite recently embraced the reality of being bipolar and a cocktail of mental health conditions- so still navigating the mental health space personally and academically. When they have time on their hands, they do sex work.
Philip is working on Transgender Rights research and audit at BehanBox.